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a missed opportunity for sports bettors

Let's cut to the chase. Sports bettors are still fuming and furious about Bitcoin. Period.

They are sick at their stomachs over the realization of what they missed out on. Bitcoin was the opportunity of a lifetime, and sports bettors around the world blew it... These are the very same people that pride themselves on their ability to pick winners in advance... And yet they could not see the biggest winner in the room... Bitcoin. Can you imagine how hard it stings for a sports bettor to realize in their heart of hearts that they shouldn't have sent their Bitcoins to the online sportsbooks over the years when they made all those deposits? Losing bets and losing Bitcoins... Winning bets, only to take their winnings over to exchanges like Coinbase. They sold their winnings in Bitcoin and traded them for winnings in Dollars and Euros... Goodbye exponential profits. In general sports bettors were too wrapped up in sports betting to realize that HOLDING BITCOIN from 2010 until 2017 was the winning play. Forget about betting on games, Bitcoin rose like a rocket from 7 cents per coin in 2010, to $17,500+ a coin in 2017. That is a 250,000 to 1 jump in just 7 years. Yes... 250K to 1, meaning a $10,000 investment in Bitcoin in 2010 when the price was 7 cents became worth 2.5 Billion Dollars at Bitcoin's peak in 2017. And very few if anyone at all took advantage of it... The only people that held on to their Bitcoin for the most part were the sportsbooks. They are the ones that literally made billions out of thin air!

in order to seize the next opportunity...

You have to see this one (the one you missed)...

In 2010 Bitcoin was nothing but an idea. An electronic means on sending anonymous payment. It really didn't have any purpose or value otherwise... That is until the offshore sportsbooks began implementing Bitcoin everywhere. The books were afraid of credit card customers betting, winning, getting paid, and then claiming fraud on their cards and having the original deposits reversed. Plus with legislation in the US it was getting harder to process credit card payments. Bitcoin fixed their problems. In making it their preferred payment method, sports bettors became the first people around the world to discover Bitcoin... and cheap Bitcoin at that. From mid 2010 until early 2013, the whole world was blind to Bitcoin. Everything was quiet. But sports bettors were buying Bitcoin like crazy. It's the nature of betting. Bettors needed money to bet with so they bought Bitcoin to start. If they lost their bets, they bought more. If they won their bets, get this... They sold their Bitcoin to exchanges like Coinbase to get Dollars and Euros... but for how long? Everyone knows they turn around and resend more Bitcoin later to bet again... The Bitcoin buys were 3 to 1 over sells, because for the average sports bettor that wins half the time, thats just the math. But the key was this... The sportsbooks never sold their Bitcoin. They hoarded theirs in wallets and collected it. Every time clients sent them Bitcoin they just let it sit in their wallet so that they could be prepared to process payouts in Bitcoin to customers if they had to. Hoarding Bitcoin at all of the sportsbooks meant that in addition to all of the buying that was taking place, less and less Bitcoin were on exchange and more and more were ending up in sportsbook wallets. This hoarding made Bitcoin scarce on the exchanges and further elevated the price. In just 3 short years Bitcoin jumped from 7 cents a coin to $143 a coin (a 2000 times increase), on sports betting alone! That of course then triggered worldwide greed and investment, blowing the price up to over $17,500 a coin by 2017.

the winning combination

In order for anyone to make exponential profit with cryptocurrency... all they need to do is find a new cryptocurrency coin just like Bitcoin when it was new. That new coin would need to be connected to a sports betting application. The sports betting industry will automatically be "buy" heavy with lots of bettors buying all the time... it's just the nature of the industry. That will raise the coin price over time. The challenge is that Bitcoin is already entrenched as the #1 method for funding sports betting through the many traditional offshore sportsbooks... so this new coin and betting platform would need additional benefits to encourage bettors to leave those sportsbooks behind. If the new coin wallet allowed bettors to bet from it, without a sportsbook... and if blockchain technology paid the bettor immediately after every game without hassle, that would be a step in the right direction. Sports bettors always fear getting scammed by offshore books if they win. Now winning money is easy. Immediately after a win the money goes right in their wallets because of programmed blockchain smart contracts. Now compared to $4,000 Bitcoin, bettors discover your affordable new coin is priced under 1 cent presently. This means for example, a sports bettor can literally buy 200,000 of this example coin for $500 at the time of this writing. If they can grow their balance through smart bets or through simply saving the coins (Hoarding them)... then they stand to make money as the price goes up. The sports bettor would also need to refer their friends and people they know in real life and online, because the more people bet on the platform, the more buying will take place and the higher those coins will go up in price. What if the platform paid the bettors (all of them) for referrals through an affiliate program... and paid them for life? That would supercharge the earning potential of all sports bettors using this coin and platform. Finally, what if you capped your coin size to 200 Million coins... meaning that is all of the coins that will ever be created. Within a short amount of time scarcity would take over from all of the buying and hoarding taking place, and coin price would be poised to jump. What if all of the early sports bettors learned their lesson from Bitcoin and didn't sell at any price... what if they hoarded like the sportsbooks did causing hyper scarcity further driving up the price? This is the recipe for a coin that can jump 2000 to 1 in 3 years just like Bitcoin did from 2010 to 2013. And... this coin is real. IT EXISTS.

if you hit a home run before you can hit one again!

That's just Physics. If you know going in the principles and attributes necessary to perform the outcome, you just utilize all of those ingredients to create the same result. These teams that immediately began forming after Bitcoin's massive run decided to create sportsbetting coins and applications for that very reason. There was a lot of hype, and a lot of expectation. In an effort to keep this short, we'll go right to the present. To date, only one team is offering a complete package of sports betting coin, wallets available to bet with on any device, platform available to bet any sport, coin price cheap enough to hoard right now, affiliate program designed to pay you for life for the activities your referrals bring to the platform... only one team has pulled this off and unlike many teams that were quickly thrown together... this team was a collection of very smart industry connected executives, and it showed in the way they outperformed all of the other teams and projects they faced. Many sports betting coin teams have taken 1-2 years of development and are yet to create a working product. This team has it all, and if sports bettors flock to it... and if they learn the lessons of Bitcoin, and hoard their coins, don't sell, and refer people to the platform, this coin has the absolute real world potential to jump exponentially! Even without the exponential profit, this platform is the future of betting today. Nothing is better. Nothing is more advanced. 


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